Ancient and Modern Finds in Crete
Jul 11, 2014
Dr Michael Bendon
Ancient and Modern Finds in Crete

Dr Bendon holds post-graduate qualifications in Archaeology, History, Maritime Archaeology, Education and Cultural Heritage. He has worked for a great number of years as an archaeologist on numerous sites around the Mediterranean and Europe including Israel, Portugal, Germany and Greece with extended survey in Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

More recently, he has been assisting a colleague in investigations on Phalasarna, a large Classical/Hellenistic maritime city in Western Crete, as well as working on the excavation of the first Minoan shipwreck yet to be discovered.

His most recent research has revolved around two British WWII wrecks located off shore from the ancient Phalasarna site. These vessels saved thousands of Australian and New Zealand lives in 1941. His talk will tell us how.