North Ryde Fun Run Project

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The North Ryde Fun Run is a new annual fund raising event on Sunday 19 October 2014, sponsored by the Rotary Club of North Ryde and other organisations, with Macquarie University as the venue partner.
The market for this event is community, school and university participants. There are over 38,000 students at Macquarie University and more than 10,000 students enrolled in primary and secondary schools in the local area. These students, their parents and siblings, and the many residents of the area will be invited to enter the Fun Run, paying a small entry fee. 
The proceeds will go to Australian Rotary Health (ARH) mental health research to help students with depression, and to other worthy Rotary projects.
The venue will be the Macquarie University Sport Fields, Culloden Road, Macquarie Park, run by Macquarie University Sport and Recreation.
The Fun Run Organising Committee manages the event and represents:
  • North Ryde Rotary Club
  • Macquarie University Sport and Recreation
  • Dunmore Lang College
  • Robert Menzies College
  • Macquarie University Village
  • Macquarie University Rotaract
  • Macquarie Park Club
For more information please email or contact Maggie Alexander or view our website