Dear Members and Friends,
I received the following email from Warren Smith at Riding for the Disabled thanking us for our support and donation to RDA. Warren asked me to pass on his thanks to all.
Pam Wood
Past President 2018-19
Hi Pam,
I trust you and all your Rotarians are safe and well in this crazy pandemic. Just wanted to thank you and everyone at your Club again for the generous donation.
Today the monthly report was emailed to members and it included recent donations. I was so pleased to see your donation highlighted so now you are even more famous at RDA Ryde.
Bumped into Kalma recently while out shopping and she tells me nearly every Rotary has been successful at meeting online. This does not surprise me as Rotarians are "can do" people and inspire everyone around them.

I know I have learnt so much new technology and done so many online courses during this lockdown. I even have a certificate from World Health Organisation for knowing how to wash my hands properly.
RDA Ryde is now in the planning stage of working out a limited start back for some therapy sessions. Our volunteers have continued to feed, love and keep training our horses so they are ready to go as soon as we can.
Times are tough for getting donations during this lockdown so your wonderful donations was so gratefully received.
Please pass on our thanks to all your lovely people.
Thank you.
Best wishes
Warren Smith