This month has been very quiet and peaceful, as it is the summer holidays.
I did go up and visit my host grandparents who live about 6 hours North in the village of Nykarleby. I then went out to their summer cottage on an island about an hour away. I spent about a week there helping to retile a roof, going fishing, and having Sauna.
I also went to my host parent’s cottage where we just relax. Because I have been out of town for a while I haven’t had much chance to hang out with exchange students, and because all of the ones who had come halfway through last year have already gone, there are less people to hang out with.
Next month there will be a big meetup of all of the exchange students and Rotarians, but until then I will be quite busy. 
This has been a big month of development for my language skills. Because I went up to my host grandparents town where they only really speak Swedish, and none of my grandparents speak English, I was forced to speak Swedish, which is really good. I’ve also continued with my language lessons. 
While I’m writing this I’m on a trip around Finland with my actual parents for about a week. We are travelling around my home town of Turku, a smaller city called Jyväskÿlä about 4 hours north of Turku, and Helsinki, the capital of Finalnd. It is so nice to see my parents again.