​Rotary Club of North Ryde
District 9685

Request for Volunteers for an event to support Vision Australia

 I’m writing to seek  volunteers to assist at the fund raising event for Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dog services, on the 10th March this year, 7.30 for 8pm start, at the North Ryde RSL Club.

The event is a performance by the band called Storybook. They have released a debut single called, It’s a Lovely Life For a Labrador. All proceeds to be donated to Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dog services. The song can be downloaded and purchased by going to www.labproductions.org with the cost of $0.99

The band features blind drummer/vocalist Ettore Cipollone and his wife Jennifer Cipollone, song writer, who  plays keyboard. Also Banjo player Cameron Mathers.

The premier performance called, Forever I’ll Call You Mates, starts at 8pm on the 10th of March, which runs for less than an hour.

tickets currently are held at the North Ryde RSL where the performance is being held. Tickets can be bought through Vision Australia national call centre.

We require a volunteer or two to man the ticket store when the doors open at 7.30pm on the night of the event. The volunteers need to assist in checking off the tickets sale with names and reference numbers which Vision Australia will have a record of following the sale of the tickets. Tickets are $10 each with profits to be donated back to Vision Australia.

We also would like the club to assist in the sale of the tickets if possible. Also any advertising or promotions of the performance would be a great help.

Kind regards

Ettore Cipollone

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