The time has come around again to set up the Tree of Joy at Cox's Road Mall. We are planning to have the tree ready with gift donation tags by the end of this week. I need helpers to volunteer to check the tree throughout each week, collect the gifts that are donated at the tree and take them to storage. If you can volunteer one or two days a week, please let me know the days and times that suit you best ie mornings, lunchtime or afternoons. 
As we get closer to Christmas we need to check the tree regularly throughout the day and I may need to adjust the rosters each week as we go. Once I have the names of the volunteers I will set up a WhatsApp group for easy and quick communication specifically for the Tree of joy this year. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further information or clarification about the Tree of Joy.
Kind regards
Pamela Wood
Tree of Joy Coordinator 2022
The Rotary Club of North Ryde