Thank you all for your generosity and supporting the school kids. Thank you to Bernie, Odette and Derretta who came and watched the class. They all noticed how calm the riders were on the horses. Lucy, the teacher gave her thanks to you all as well. She is a huge fan and understands that it is your kindness that makes riding for her kids a possibility. 
Next year we will have even more riders. They will be coming from Denistone East, Epping West, Chatswood and Truscott St PSs. We hope to offer rides to about 30 riders per semester, some coming weekly and others fortnightly. We have 2 semesters a year. As you can imagine, as we grow our horse numbers, Coaches and volunteers we do want to offer the opportunity to more riders. If you wish to be a sponsor next year, either first or second semester we would be thrilled to have you on board again. If you have any friends, family or professional colleagues who might be interested we are always here to have a chat.  
Below are a few happy snaps from yesterday. 
Best Regards,
Tina Clifton
Honorary Secretary 
The Ryde Centre
Riding for the Disabled Association (NSW)
118-120 Culloden Road, Marsfield, NSW 2122
Phone: 02 9868 2223