Waterline Challenge® is a great opportunity for ‘Rotary Working Together’ to raise significant funds for ROMAC, one of Rotary’s great charities. They have already saved over 500 children and you can see their great work they do bringing children from the Pacific Islands to Australia or New Zealand for life-saving or dignity restoring surgery. See their website at: www.romac.org.au

We are personally inviting every Rotary and Rotaract Club to put together just one team of up to 10 people to take part in Waterline Challenge®. With “Rotary Working Together” we will probably raise more than half a million dollars for ROMAC in November this year!

Waterline Challenge® will be held from 12th to 18th November. It is a national event, not just for Rotary. Teams of 10 people can walk, run, cycle, paddle, row, swim, skate, horse ride, windsurf, whichever way you wish…. along our waterways; our coast, estuaries, rivers, lakes, islands. Be as creative as you can! Make a day of it!


You choose how you do it, how far you go, when you do it, and the money you raise goes to ROMAC. Each person is asked to raise a minimum of $200, so a team of 10 is asked to raise a minimum of $2,000 between them.


We are asking all Clubs to nominate a Waterline Challenge® Champion who will put your team together AND promote the event to other community groups (e.g. Sports Clubs, Community Groups) in your area to put teams together to raise funds for any of the 14 Waterline Charities.

We are keen to confirm who in your Club can be your Waterline Challenge® Champion? Maybe yourself or another member? They just need to be the Team Leader, put a team of 10 together and help promote Waterline Challenge® to the rest of your local community.

Registering a team is easy. To register your Rotary or Rotaract Club go to www.waterlinechallenge.org which gives you a lot of information about Waterline Challenge® including our Patrons, Ambassadors and the charities we are supporting. When you click on “Join The Challenge”, you will see how easy it is.

The naming of your Team is important. So, we can track all Rotary Clubs, the naming of Teams is ‘Rotary ClubName TeamName’. E.g. Rotary NorthPerth Allstars. If you wish to have support setting this up, please let us know.

We are keen for you to be part of this great national initiative of “Rotary Working Together”.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Sammy Najjarine

Marketing Coordinator       

Waterline Challenge Foundation

Mobile: +61 426533350