The Rotary Club of North Ryde held the 2019 Annual Changeover Dinner on Friday 28 June  at Basil's Seafood Restaurant Marsfield. Over 80 members and guests attended the function. The dinner provided an opportunity to celebrate another successful Rotary year and thank the 2018-19 Board for all their hard work and commitment throughout the year. For more photos see here or in photo albums
We welcomed in the new Board for 2019-20 and presented donations to some of our community groups including New Horizons, North Ryde Community Aid, St Michael's Mission and ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children).
We also presented awards to members of the community who have been recognised for their contributions to the community. These included:
Tony Fedele  -  Paul Harris Award
Gwen Martin -  Paul Harris Award
Pat Perrin  - Paul Harris double sapphire pin
Liane Corbett - Community Service Award
Peter Gock - 2019 Encouragement Award for 18 years of service to New Horizons Australian Disability Service.
Congratulations to all our award recipients!
2018-19 Board members Brian Powell, David Martin, Sandeep Rathi, Pat Perrin, Pam Wood, Mandy Van, Victoria Crawford, Liane Corbett, Mak Khalil (out of picture) Terrie McConnell (absent)
2019-20 Board members: Brain Powell, Garry Maloney, David Martin, Sandeep Rathi, Pat Perrin, Victoria Crawford, Mak Khalil, Pam Wood
Mandy Van.
PHF double sapphire pin recipient Pat Perrin with Victoria Crawford, Steve Perrin, Brian Powell,ADG Julie Thorp and Pam Wood
PHF recipient Gwen Martin with Victoria Crawford, David Martin, Pam Wood and ADG Julie Thorp
PHF recipient Tony Fedele with Steve Perrin, Pam Wood, ADG Julie Thorp and Brian Powell.
Community Service Award recipient Liane Corbett with Pat Perrin and Annette Billington